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7 Issues With Lighting and How to Fix Them

Lighting makes your home more comfortable, but rooms can be too dark or bright. Light bulbs need replacement sometimes, but the issue could be the fixtures themselves. It’s helpful when you notice lighting problems in your house and understand how to fix them.

1. The Lighting Feels Uncomfortable

If the lighting in your room feels uncomfortable, you may have too little or too much of one type of lighting. The three types of lighting are ambient lighting for general lighting, task lighting for specific functions, and accent lighting for highlighting objects and decorations. Install hardwired fixtures with a dimmer switch to control the lighting in a room.

2. The Bathroom Is Dark

Task lighting around the vanity helps to highlight your grooming space, but it shouldn’t be the only light. Your bathroom may seem dark without other lights to blend with the vanity lighting. A few recessed lights or flush-mount fixtures can give you ambiance while keeping your vanity the main focus.

3. The Kitchen Is Too Dark

Task lighting in a kitchen focuses on your work area and highlights your stove and counter spaces. Without task lighting, the ambient lighting may leave work spaces shadowy and block light from reaching the correct spots. Recessed lighting is a great way to highlight your kitchen, but under-cabinet lighting can put the focus on your countertops.

4. The Lighting Is Too Bright

If your living room is too bright and uncomfortable, there may be too many recessed lights. You can create a lighting plan with our electricians while renovating your house to determine your needs for each room. Too many recessed lights can make your living room feel like a lobby, but the correct lighting elements can make it the highlight of your home.

5. Switch Wiring Is Loose

Loose switch wiring happens when switching on and off too often loosens the connection. Turn the breaker panel off before removing the cover and tightening loose wires. A lighting inspection can pinpoint issues if you’re noticing lighting problems.

6. Light Socket Tab Is Faulty

The socket tab is a brass tab that presses against the base of a screwed-in lightbulb to allow electricity to connect. Electricity can arc when the brass tab is bending too far down and failing to make a solid connection. You can pull the socket tab up with needle nose pliers after shutting off the power to the area with the breaker panel.

7. Dimmer Switches Are Incompatible

Dimmer switches give you more control over your lighting and lets you change the mood of a room easier. While upgrading from incandescent to LED bulbs is great for your energy bill, not all dimmer switches work with them. Dimmer switches originally were for incandescent bulbs, and using older dimmers with newer bulbs can prematurely burn out your lighting.

Lighting issues can affect the aesthetics or the energy usage in your home. The lighting in your house determines your mood, your ability to work, and the comfortability of your rooms. If you have lighting problems in Flint, MI, call us at Design Electric to schedule an appointment today.