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Protecting Your Electrical Panel in the Winter

man throwing circuit breaker

Preparing your home and its electrical panel for the winter months and potentially dangerous snowstorms can provide you with peace of mind while simultaneously protecting your investment. As a homeowner or even as a serial real estate investor, knowing how to prevent your electrical panel from becoming overloaded during the cold months of the year […]

Electrical Panel Safety Tips Before the Holiday Celebrations

Electricians Replace 20 Amp Breaker

Electrical panels often fail at this time of year during the holidays. Area outages and storms can cause surges and overloads. Homeowners also typically increase their electrical usage. Colder and freezing temperatures force many people to use electricity more to heat their homes. Overcast skies require the use of more indoor lighting. People often install […]

Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Generator for the Fall

Residential standby generator on a concrete pad

If you want your generator to work for you, you cannot wait for winter to start preparations. You must take measures to get your generator ready in the fall so it can serve you through the harsh months ahead. Here are some maintenance tips to assist you. Check the Oil and Add More If Needed […]