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Keep Your Portable Generator in Great Shape

Having a portable generator can save you a lot of trouble when you don’t have power. Instead of worrying about keeping your food cold and thinking about how to stay warm, safe, and comfortable, you can use your portable generator to keep the power flowing. Is your generator ready for the task? You’ll need to regularly maintain it to ensure that it can live up to your expectations and perform well.

Fill It With Fresh Oil

Oil is essential for the generator since it prevents overheating. Oil can last for a good amount of time, but you should probably change your oil every year or every few years. The exact time frame would depend on the type of generator you have, the type of oil you buy, and how much you use your generator. To give you an idea, many generators need their oil changed every 100 or 200 hours of use. To take care of this task, drain your old oil, put in new oil, and be sure to dispose of your old oil properly.

Use Fresh Gas

With the winter right around the corner, you’ll want to stock up on gas so that you’ll be prepared for a power outage. It’s important to use fresh gas to help your engine work efficiently. Old gas can thicken over time, and this can clog valves and make your generator work harder than it should. If you have old gas in your tank, you can drain it. Additionally, check to see if your user manual suggests that you use any kind of fuel additive.

Replace Your Spark Plug

In order for your generator to start, it needs to have a spark plug in good condition. If your spark plug has deteriorated, the gas won’t ignite, and the engine won’t run. It’s a good idea to change your spark plug each year or at least every few years. Again, you can refer to your user manual to see what the recommended schedule is for replacing your spark plug.

Check the Battery

Some portable generators have batteries, and this battery plays an important role in helping the generator get started. Consider using a trickle charger to keep your battery ready for action. If your battery is more than several years old, you may need to replace it with a new one.

Take Care of Your Generator

In order for your generator to help you when your power has gone out, it’ll need some attention in the off-season. Following the tips above will allow you to get the most use out of your generator. Call Design Electric if you require any assistance with generator service at your home in Flint, MI.