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Sustain Power in the New Year With Some EV Charger Maintenance Tips

As more individuals purchase electric vehicles (EVs) to contribute to a more sustainable future, taking action to ensure the longevity and efficiency of EV chargers becomes increasingly essential. Regular maintenance guarantees the best performance and extends your charger’s lifespan. The following tips can help keep your charger in the best operating condition for your green commute, making them a great way to start the new year.

1. Physical Inspection

Give your EV charger a quick once-over every so often to check for any signs of wear or deterioration. This routine is the easiest way to catch any issues that could become more significant problems and disrupt your vehicle-charging routine.

Don’t forget to check the charger’s cables because a loose fit or damaged cable can lead to inefficient charging or the risk of safety hazards. Ensure the cables are tightly and securely attached to the charger and the EV.

2. Update the Software

Your charger’s manufacturer may release software updates periodically to fix bugs, improve functionality, and enhance security. Keep informed on updates to ensure your EV Charger always works with the latest software version and updates. Once you receive an update notice, don’t wait — schedule it as soon as possible.

Software updates can include changes that enhance the speed of your charger and other changes that contribute to your EV charger’s overall health and longevity. If you procrastinate on updates, you’ll miss out on these and other benefits for your EV charger.

3. Consider the Environment

EV chargers are susceptible to wear and tear from the weather. Direct sunlight, rain, and snow can affect performance or damage the charger’s components. You may need to add a dedicated enclosure, or a simple canopy may offer enough protection. The investment in your charger is worth protecting so that it operates reliably regardless of the weather.

Your charger may also need periodic cleaning to prevent dust and debris from causing the unit to malfunction. Dirt and other small particles of matter can accumulate and, over time, begin to interfere with the connections and ventilation. These can make the charger lose efficiency, but a maintenance routine that includes a quick inspection and wiping the device down can prevent this.

4. Safety First

Prioritize your safety and protect your vehicle by knowing the manufacturer’s procedures for an emergency charger shutdown. Knowing how to shut it down quickly is crucial if the unit malfunctions. This action protects you and your vehicle, preventing potential damage to the charger. Ensure you’re prepared for unforeseen events by becoming thoroughly acquainted with the shutdown procedure.

Schedule a periodic inspection of the charger with a professional electrician. Have the charger assessed for issues before they escalate, such as checking the internal components and ensuring the unit operates within its optimal parameters. This proactive strategy can guarantee your EV charger’s reliability on a continuing basis.

Have Your EV Charger Inspected

Embracing good maintenance habits now can keep your charger operating and in optimal condition for the long haul. You can continue enjoying sustainable, eco-friendly driving when your charger works reliably. Don’t put your daily commute at risk because of a malfunctioning EV charger. Schedule an EV charger inspection and maintenance at your Flint, MI home today with our professional electricians from Design Electric.