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Tips for Lowering Generator Energy Consumption

With the cost of living on the rise, many consumers are looking for ways to economize. One hot topic is saving on energy bills. While much of the conversation centers around electrical consumption as it pertains to a utility provider, generators are now receiving more attention. Since the cost of fuel has gone up, those who have generators for their homes are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. Armed with the tips below, you can save on energy costs while running your generator.

Have an Additional Backup Power Source

Having another backup power source is an excellent way to lower the energy consumption of your generator. When you have a secondary backup power source such as solar, you will limit the use of your generator when fuel rates are at their highest. Make sure your solar system has battery storage so you can still have power without the worry of skyrocketing fuel prices.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Poorly maintained generators consume more energy than those that are on a regular maintenance schedule. To ensure your generator is running at peak performance, it is critical to stick to a maintenance routine and have your generator serviced annually. A regular service schedule will not only keep your generator running at peak performance, but it will also ensure it is ready to respond when an emergency occurs.

Use Monitoring Technology

Newer generators let you use monitoring technology to track energy consumption. These tools are accessed via apps or an online interface. Monitoring technology will allow you to track your battery usage along with the temperature of your generator and the number of hours the generator runs. You can also monitor how much fuel you consume as well as how much fuel is remaining in the machine. Keeping track of fuel levels will also tip you off to fuel theft, so you can act quickly to stop this problem.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Newer generators are more energy efficient than older models. If your generator is more than 20 years of age, you may want to consider upgrading to benefit from new technology that is designed to embrace sustainability and significantly reduce emissions. Thanks to stricter regulations, modern generators must meet higher standards that require them to burn less fuel. Sure, the up-front cost may be significant; however, you will enjoy tremendous savings in the long run.

Do not allow energy costs to take over your life. If you need help ensuring that the generator for your Flint, MI home is running efficiently or you’re interested in a generator repair or upgrade, contact us at Design Electric today.