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Luxury home with pendant light fixtures

Enhance Your Home With Innovative Lighting Upgrades

The start of a new year is an ideal time to upgrade your lighting and transform your home’s interior. With fresh, inspiring lighting ideas, your home life can be brighter during your busy days and more relaxed with subtle lighting at night.

With the help of licensed local electricians, you can add new fixtures, switches, outlets, and outdoor cabling. Your expert electricians can also install a new generator or electrical panel if needed.

Inspiring Ideas for Upgrading Your Home Lighting

You can bring a pleasing new look and ambiance to your home this year with the following ideas for a lighting upgrade.

1. Choose New Lighting Fixtures With the Perfect Scale

When selecting new lighting fixtures for your home update, remember to choose sizes that will not overpower a room or go unnoticed in it. Scale is also important for creating the best possible balanced light effects for interior spaces.

You can resolve this issue easily by following a simple formula. In a stylish dining room, add together the length and width of the room in feet. The resulting number should be the approximate diameter of your new chandelier in inches.

You can then be creative when selecting the sizes of additional accent lights. In small to average-size rooms, there should be a minimum of three different sources of interior light. If you use LED bulbs for your new fixtures, you can reduce your use of electricity as well as your monthly power bills.

2. Install Dimmers for Pleasing Adjustable Lighting

With dimmers installed for your updated lighting fixtures, you can enjoy bright or subtle lighting in every room. This flexible lighting feature will please every member of your household while enabling a creative change of atmosphere for each room’s interior. At the same time, the use of dimmers will also lower your energy bills each month.

3. Consider Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Consider adding the technology of motion sensor lighting to your home. This lighting upgrade is aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and economical. Your home’s lights will then remain off until someone enters a room.

When everyone leaves a room, the lights automatically turn off, conserving your energy consumption and saving money. These lights are also very convenient for night lighting on front porches and covered decks or terraces.

4. Enhance All Outdoor Lighting

Safety is an ongoing issue in your home’s exterior areas. Your deck, walkways, lawn, and garden areas should all be well-lit, especially if you entertain outdoors in warm weather.

All entrances to your house need strong, dependable sconce lights or lanterns. In outdoor rooms, covered decks, and grilling spaces, pendant or string lights and electric candles are both fashionable and functional solutions.

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