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Generator Repair in Flint and Central Michigan

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Power Your House in the Event of an Outage in MI

Power outages are on the rise in Michigan due to inclement weather conditions, especially in the winter. Protect yourself and your family with a generator during emergency power outages. Design Electric Services provides expert generator repair and installation in Flint and the surrounding areas. Don’t wait until thunderstorm season in the summer or the dead of winter to install a back-up power source. The sooner you prepare your home for a weather event with generator installation in Flint, the better.

Power outages often happen due to fallen trees or branches disrupting power lines. This can happen in any season, although most often power outages strike during the winter months. A standby generator heats your home in cold temperatures, runs your refrigerator so food doesn’t spoil, powers the lights so you can see, and keeps life-saving medical devices up and running. Regular generator repair in Flint, MI ensures you have access to these crucial home functions that run on electricity, even when the power is out.

Benefits of Generator Installation in Flint

There are many reasons why installing a whole house generator in Michigan is advantageous, especially when compared to halfway solutions like a portable generator. While they vary in size, portable generators typically only power a fraction of your appliances and devices at once, and they must be placed outside. Standby generators are hardwired into your house’s system by a professional electrician and are sized to handle your whole household’s electrical needs in the case of an emergency. Some other benefits of generator installation in Flint include:

Signs Your Generator Needs Repair

If you already have a generator, it’s crucial that you regularly check to see if it needs maintenance. For example, you may not need your generator for a year because there are no power outages, but the next year, there are three blackouts. If you haven’t kept up to date with your generator maintenance, the worst case scenario may happen: your generator simply doesn’t turn on when the power goes out. Here are some warning signs that you should get your generator checked out and call an electrician for generator repair in Flint:
For reliable generator repairs and installation in Flint, MI, call Design Electric Services. We offer free estimates, a 24/7 emergency line, and a history of dedicated service in Mid Michigan for nearly a century.