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Lighting Installation in Flint and Nearby Central MI

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Lighting Services are our Specialty

Perhaps you plan to renovate your house, improve your security lighting, or spruce up your outdoor living space. If so, you’ll need a new lighting plan. Design Electric Services has served the Genesee County area for nearly a century, providing lighting installation in Flint and beyond for residential and commercial properties alike. We’ll help you create a plan and install your new lighting system safely and effectively.

LED Lighting Installation

Create a comfortable, well-lit living space with new LED lighting. Purchase the right lights for your space, and Design Electric Services will ensure they are installed properly. We can help you install an array of different types of lighting, including the following:
Design the new kitchen, bathroom, living room, or custom space of your dreams with reimagined lighting. Plus, LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. For new lighting installations in Flint, trust the electricians at Design Electric to do it right the first time and avoid potential DIY mishaps by hiring a professional.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

There’s nothing like a Michigan summer, but how are you supposed to enjoy the best weather of the year without outdoor lighting? Even when it gets dark out late, it’s useful to have deck lighting, stair lighting, and path lighting to illuminate walkways. And don’t you want to be able to see your home and landscaping as you return home at night? Uplighting creates a sense of depth in your yard: directionally angle spotlights at trees or other desirable features around your home for the full effect.

The professional electricians at Design Electric Services understand how to provide the best outdoor lighting services in Flint and Genesee County at large. Whether you’re concerned about driveway or walkway safety, want to add some ambiance to your deck, or would like to improve the appearance of your yard at night, we will guide you through outdoor lighting installation in Flint, MI.

Security Lighting Installation

Are you concerned about your home’s security at night? Installing floodlights and other security lighting will alleviate your worries. Here are some of the benefits of installing security lighting in your outdoor space:
While you may be tempted to DIY home lighting projects, a professional electrician from Design Electric Services can properly assess your electrical needs and safely wire lights installed in walls, concrete, brick, or wood without causing damage. Call us at (810) 631-1223 to schedule a free estimate for lighting services in Flint, MI.